World class facility. World class service

Primary capacity

We are the leading LNG importation terminal in the UK. Our world class facility delivers the highest standards of performance and services which are highly resilient, flexible and dependable.


Delivering capacity

The UK government predicts the need for up to 26GW of new gas fired power plant by 2030 with import dependency set to exceed 76% by the same period. LNG is already well established as a vital element of the UK’s gas supplies and together with the predicted additional growth in demand, LNG will become an increasingly important part of the UK energy mix.

Grain LNG has a proven track record of delivering on its promises; we successfully commissioned our previous capacity expansion phases on time and to budget while continuing to deliver a high standard of service and meeting the daily operational needs
of our customers.

Phase 4 Open Season

Given the evolving market situation, Grain LNG is delighted to be able to offer additional importation capacity and LNG shippers are invited to bid in our Phase 4 Open Season process where up to 6mtpa of additional capacity is on offer.

As an independent terminal operator with no gas market interests, we provide highly resilient, flexible and reliable unregulated services. Supported by an on-site team that is the envy of its industry peers, Grain LNG is your ideal partner.