Use it or lose it (UIOLI) Bulletin Board

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Grain LNG Shippers are required to release berthing slots they are not intending to use, and Grain LNG may further from time to time identify unused capacity sufficient to offer additional berthing slots.  These slots will be advertised on this Bulletin Board and Registered Users are invited to submit bids in accordance with the auction process outlined in the Third Party Access User Guide.

Bids should be submitted by completing a Short Term Access Confirmation Notice which is contained in Schedule 6 of the Short Term Access Framework Agreement (available to registered Users).  Completed forms should be emailed to .  Upon completion of an auction, Grain LNG will select the winning bid, notify the successful party and sign the relevant Confirmation Notice, thereby completing the execution process.

Please note that offers will be evaluated on a case by case basis due to the current circumstances and Grain LNG are therefore not obliged to accept any bids.

Please see below the current available slots:

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