Stock Level and Send Out Data

Grain LNG Stock Level and Send Out Data

Thank you for your interest in the send-out data from the Grain LNG terminal on the Isle of Grain in Kent. Please use the links below to access the data you need:

Instantaneous Flow Data  : please select the 'Instantaneous Flows into NTS' gas market data tools

End of Day Send Out Data

Stock Level Data : please scroll down to 'Supplementary Reports' sections and select the latest report under 'Daily Storage and LNG Operator Information'.  Please note this will open in an excel spreadsheet.

Please note that following the commissioning of the new National Grid Gas receiving facilities at the facility,  the terminal can now flow gas into the National Transmission System (NTS) via two pipeline feeders, this is in addition to its existing connection into the Local Distribution Zone operated by Scotia Gas Network. 
The information provided on the National Grid Gas website provides instantaneous flows from each of the two NTS feeders (Isle of Grain NTS1 and Isle of Grain NTS2) as well as a total figure which is the sum of the two NTS feeders plus the flow of gas into the LDZ (entitled Isle of Grain Terminal in the table entitled Terminal Totals).
It is also important to note that following the successful commissioning of the expansion phase at Grain LNG the plant now operates as one terminal and as such gas flows in specific feeders are not attributable to specific customers. The terminal has the flexibility to flow any customer's gas to any feeder at any given time.”

If you have any questions with regard to this send out data please contact Commercial operations on 01926 656556.

Information for all LNG terminals in the UK is available here, including Grain.