Ship vetting procedure


Before an LNG tanker can berth and unload at the terminal, the LNG tanker must be approved (vetted) by Grain LNG for the purposes of satisfying Grain LNG as to the competence of the Tanker Operator, Master, officers and crew, and the compliance of the LNG tanker and the Tanker Operator with the standards required by Grain LNG for the safe, efficient and reliable operation of the Terminal and of LNG tankers at the Terminal.

For capacity holders (whether primary or secondary) with a current Services Agreement in place with Grain LNG, LNG tankers can be vetted and approved in accordance with the provisions of that Services Agreement, and such capacity holders should continue to apply for approval of LNG tankers in the normal way under their current Services Agreement. When the ship's approval period expires, they will require re-approval but will not normally be required to go through the full vetting process.

Grain LNG recognises that other parties may be interested in using the terminal in the future, possibly at short notice (e.g. through “use-it-or-lose-it” (UIOLI) arrangements or as a secondary capacity holder), and may wish to have one or more LNG tankers vetted prior to entering into a Services Agreement with Grain LNG. To this end, the Grain LNG Ship Vetting and Approval policy (available for download below) as defined in Annex M of the Terminal Operating Procedures (TOPS) was developed to cover all the requirements for ship vetting in Grain LNG. A list of all ships currently vetted by Grain is also available for download below. This list includes ships that have been vetted but their validation dates have expired.

Withdrawal of Approval

It should be noted that approval of an LNG tanker to use the berth can be withdrawn by Grain LNG at any time. The party who requested the vetting of the LNG tanker will be notified of the withdrawal of approval and the reasons for such withdrawal of approval.

Application process

Applicants must first contact Grain LNG’s Commercial department to request a ship vetting (see Contacts page for details). Grain LNG will then provide compatibility templates and mooring information for the berths at Grain LNG.


To obtain an estimate of the costs of vetting an LNG tanker, please contact Grain LNG’s Commercial department (see Contacts page for details). As an indicative figure only, our inspectors are charged out at approximately £600 per day plus expenses, and (again, as an indication only) total inspection costs can range from £2,200 to £4,000 depending upon the location of the LNG tanker.

Applicants are charged the actual costs incurred by Grain LNG in inspecting and vetting the relevant LNG tanker. Grain LNG will advise the applicant of the actual costs incurred and will send an invoice to cover.