Like all employers, Grain LNG has a duty to reduce workplace risk to the lowest reasonably practicable level. To this end, and following Government Guidance, Grain LNG has undertaken a risk assessment of it’s operations in both an office and “live-site” environment, and will work with all relevant parties to ensure that the controls are implemented and everybody’s health protected.


The Results of the Risk Assessment

The risk assessment identified a number of focus areas and requisite controls. A high level summary is produced below:

Workforce management:

  • Vulnerable personnel have been identified and working-from-home facilitated to avoid potential exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace.
  • Staff are encouraged to report potential COVID-19 infection and to self-isolate in accordance with Government guidelines.
  • Potential or actual COVID-19 infection in the workforce is tracked and monitored.
  • Team segregation has been employed to limit cross-infection, with a focus on operationally critical activities.

Social distancing at work:

  • Measures are in place to promote social distancing.
  • PE has been mandated and provided for operational tasks where social distancing cannot be maintained, including aspects of workplace travel.

Use of workplace and workstations:

  • Personnel have been seated to optimise social distancing.
  • Hot desks have been removed from service.
  • Additional capacity has been created to accommodate the requirements of this risk assessment.

Use of meeting rooms or common areas:

  • Remote working has been facilitated and promoted.
  • Maximum capacity of rooms has been defined and publicised.

Cleaning the workplace:

  • Cleaning regimes have been heightened, with a focus on high contact areas.
  • Sanitisation products have been available across the work areas.

Inbound and outbound goods:

  • Contact with delivery drivers is minimised.
  • Hygiene practices are employed for handling incoming/outgoing goods.

Ship  movements:

  • A declaration of health is required for personnel boarding  or disembarking from the vessel, in advance of vessel arrival.
  • Social distancing is maintained across all unloading activities.

To ensure that visitors and contractor attendance at Grain LNG is controlled, authorisation is required before attendance at site. Once authorised, the Grain LNG contact will explain the requirements of the COVID-19 risk assessment to ensure the health of personnel is safeguarded.

If you have any questions about the Grain LNG response to COVID-19, please send these to, marked “COVID-19 query” in the title.